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Posted on 2009-08-28 at 4:00 p.m..

You hear so much about detoxifying the system, but if that's so important, why don't we hear more about not consuming the toxins in the first place?

The important thing here to understand is that both the advertisement for detoxing your body and the advertisement for the toxic foods are for the purpose of making money. These ads are not for your benefit, they are for the benefit of the seller.

Guess what?

I have good news. I'm not trying to sell you a health product. I'm concerned about your welfare as a human being. We're both human, and we both suffer, but why should you suffer more than I just because you didn't know that you were eating poison?

That's what this site is about, sharing what I know.

The Pottinger cat studies are a favorite topic of mine. In the 1940's, 900 cats were studied by a group of anthropologist dentists.

One group of cats were fed mainly raw meat and milk and they lived happily ever after, generation after generation.

Another group were fed cooked and processed food. The second and third generation had arthritis, diabetes, dermatitis, cancer, skin disease, all the chronic degenerative diseases that we are seeing now in our human population.

By the third generation, this group had no more live births; in other words there was no fourth generation. We've got to see some similarities between ourselves and these cats.

We are not cats, but we are getting to the third generation of people growing up on refined foods and it has got to have some impact.

The bad news? What your parents ate is effecting you. The good news? You can turn it around, just like I did. You'll find all the information you need to change your future right here on this site, free of charge.

No advertisements, no product placement, nothing for sale. Just the truth as I know it.

The second half of this site has finally arrived! You've heard plenty about what not to eat, and now you've got this burning question; If I can't eat all the things I have been eating because it's toxic, then what the hell do I eat?

Well, you've got questions, and I've got answers!
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