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Posted on 2009-01-27 at 6:07 p.m..

My Story

I tried to lose weight by working out for years, and it never worked. I continually gained weight since I was born, even after I stopped growing in height, meaning that when I reached 5'6 to begin with I was 120lbs, but two years later, I was 153lbs. I tried eating less and walking every day and that didn't help. I was worried because one of my brothers is overweight and diabetic.

I didnít get the push to really do something about my health problems however until I started getting stomach aches every morning. These were not just ordinary stomach aches. I would roll into a ball and cry they were so bad. In addition I began to burp all the time, and when I say all the time, I mean thirty times in a minute. It made it hard to talk or to be around people. I had not only my weight to be embarrassed about, but constant smelly burps.

I went to see a doctor, and they didnít know what was wrong with me, and that really upset me. I became miserable and started seeking help online. I researched ďconstant burpingĒ and other similar phrases and I found sites where people had these problems for years with no help. But then, I found a site that had all the answers.

I followed the siteís advice strictly and I lost thirty pounds, the first ten pounds in the first week, the second ten pounds in the following three weeks, and the last ten pounds in the month after that.

As long as I continue to live by the lessons I've learned, I keep the weight off. The burps are gone, and so are the stomach aches. The most amazing part? I never exercised one bit. I didnít walk more, I didnít go the gym. I literally sat around drawing, writing, reading and playing video games and lost weight.

I didnít starve myself. I didnít eat nasty diet pills or special foods. Everything I eat can be found in a normal grocery store, just like all the junk I was eating before. It really is all in your food. What you eat can make you thin or fat, depending on what it is, thatís what I learned. Exercise only adds muscle, which in some cases will reduce fat, but itís never permanent if youíre still eating the same bad foods.

Iím perfectly willing to share the simple steps with everyone in the world. Iíve actually helped several other people online and in person. I enjoy helping people with their health.


  • High Fructose Corn Syrup

  • Trans Fats

  • Splenda & Artificial Sweeteners

  • Refined "Natural" Sugar

  • Stress, Denial & Hate

  • Lust, Envy & Jealousy

    How do I avoid these poisons?

  • Tip #1: Read The Labels
  • Tip #2: Listen To Your Body

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